I wish to take color photographs of the residents of a neighborhood during a holiday celebration. I installed my photo studio in the community center to make myself available to the population. I invited the inhabitants to come dance in front of my lens, with their choice of music or one of those I brought. Their stage was a Surprise Party scenography to encourage loosening up and exaltation. Dancing to live together, showing off the states of the bodies in a time and place. Extroverted or restrained, movement gives us all the leeway of free will, enable us to meet the subjects of a growing neighborhood. This reveals the social fabric, the diversity. The light like the stroboscopes of a night club congeals the dance, like the rhythmic flashes of an ungraspable present time.
ZAT # 9 Grisettes / Ville de Montpellier 2014, exposée dans l’espace urbain les 5 et 6 avril 2015
Assistant: Camille Chailloleau / Co-conception, production : Mélanie Roger, Libre Champ / Post-production: Processus, laboratoire photo professionnel, Paris